Windspur Estate

Our Little Surviving Pin Oak’s Story

Little Pin Oak Survives Strong Wind Storm On Windspur Eco Estate in Nottingham Road, KwaZulu Natal South Africa

A local farmer told me he used to burn the firebreaks on Windspur Estate many years ago and when he did he took particular care to protect our Oak tree in the middle of the estate during these times.

Then someone else took over this task of burning firebreaks and he noticed that they no longer took trouble to protect the tree, just letting the fire burn around the base.

In October last year (2018), during a big wind storm, one large branch split away and fell down, and then two days later in another big wind storm the entire tree broke off at ground level and fell over. Both the huge branch and the entire tree fell down on areas where new trees had been planted and also on the borehole structure, which is 3m away. Yet, much to our surprise, there was no damage to the structure or to the newly planted little trees. Three months later, when all the branches were cleared away and I was walking in the estate in that particular area, there, standing all alone, was one little surviving Pin Oak tree standing bravely and completely untouched.

So the story on the street now by locals passing by is that the old tree saw all the new little Pin Oaks being planted around him, and decided that as his time was up, he needed to take great care as he passed on, not to damage his little saplings. He knew they needed to take their story on to the new generation and the homeowners soon to share their estate with them.

Ian Dickson | Owner & Property Developer of Windspur