Windspur Estate

Green Philosophy

jojo tanks and grey water systems

Energy Saving

Windspur Estate has been designed with energy efficiency at its’ core and thus contributing to many energy saving solutions for a more eco-sustainable lifestyle for the Owners.

The developers have undertaken to install the following energy and water saving devices/installations:

• Stormwater will be collected in tanks and pumped back to suitable dispersion areas
• Septic tanks are approved for sewer treatment
• The developers are looking into the re-cycling of resultant grey water
• A refuse re-cycling facility will be available on the Estate
• A worm farm facility will also be available for Owners to feed and collect from for use in their gardens
• Planks from the Gum trees cut down on the Estate can be used as screening “walls” where appropriate
• Stones & rocks found in excavations for use in retaining walls
• Shale from levelling sites has been used as a sub-base material for the roads

Electrical Supply

The electrical supply to each house will be limited to 60 amps in order to reduce future electrical costs and encourage alternative methods. At Windspur Eco-Estate we will assist & encourage all owners to invest in Solar PV systems with batteries & inverters. With ever rising electricity costs it is fairly certain that everyone will convert at some stage in the future and it stands to reason that the sooner this is done, the better. Enviro-living at it’s best.

• Water heating
• Solar geysers
• Heat pumps
• Gas geysers
• Timers on electric geysers if they are necessary

Heat & Energy Saving & Retention

The building envelopes will have insulation’s under floors, in external walls and under roofs to contain energy & heat. Energy saving appliances & lighting will be used.

Heat Production

• Gas stoves
• Sealed wood burning Fireplaces
• Gas Heaters

Re-Cycling Refuse

There will be a refuse & recycling depot at the west end of the eco-Estate containing a worm-farm which will be available to all Owners.

Indigenous Planting On The Estate

The planting on the site needs to go back to its natural state of indigenous grasses, plants & trees as far as possible. Owners must be careful to select plants & trees suited to the cold conditions and the local landscapers can give advice on this.