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A word about “contemporary” architecture….

Contemporary should not be confused with ”Modern Architecture” which is really a style belonging to a certain era. Contemporary architecture at its most literal meaning, is the architecture being produced in the now, the architecture of the moment. So in this sense “contemporary” is not limited to a single stylistic thread but it assumes appropriateness, and is meant to imply current worldwide approaches to architecture that are relevant to both time and place.

When one speaks of a country house, the images that are thought of is a house in the countryside that is by its very nature warm, inviting and offers rest, recuperation and respite from the pressures of our current world.

In the case of Windspur Estate the design combines different natural materials and textures (stone, timber) & muted natural colours that are found in the area with contemporary materials like steel & glass. 

This combination of textures and colours coupled with simplified roof shapes that are often one of the main elements of a contemporary home, leads to simplicity of internal spaces with timber pergolas assisting in the gradual transfer to external spaces. 

It is a sophisticated style reflective of contemporary living and in this case it strives to be in harmony with the beauty and tranquility of the KZN Midlands.

The Architectural Guidelines…..

Good Architecture and design adds exceptional long-term value for property by controlling the look and feel of the houses through a combination of Architectural Guidelines and an active Aesthetics Committee.

An aesthetics committee looks not only for compliance, but also for excellence, practicality, simplicity and plain good design. At Windspur Estate there are strong (not strict or draconian) architectural guidelines that are flexible enough to allow for personal requirements and preferences. The design principles are clear and quite simple and leave a lot of room for individual needs. The rectangular pavilions with the uncomplicated single sloped roofs and flat roof connectors where specifically done so that it can be clearly read without misinterpretation.

Although the plot and plan units where designed as a series of pavilions with a section in the middle as a connection, or in the case of the narrower sites simple roof shapes like a rectangle and a flat roof that juxtapose of each other, the concept of the estate guidelines goes beyond a series of single sloped roofs and I think that is quite clear if one considers all the information. 

The intention of the guidelines was to stay away from over intellectualizing the design, and in doing so find common ground with the tranquility and the beauty of the area. Contemporary Architecture has less academic baggage, and suggests a position that is anti-vernacular, comfortable with new materials. In the case of Windspur Estate using local materials & forms an architectural language is used that is contemporary, and generally not steeped in past typographies or traditions.

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